Coach Travis Angry

Coach Angry

Head Coach/ Founder

USATF Level 1 Certified Coach, Raymond S. Kellis High School Head Coach

Specialty: Sprints & Mid-Distance

The Estrella Wolves Track & Field and Cross-Country Club was founded by Head Coach, Travis Angry. Coach Angry is a well-known Author, Youth Inspirational-Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate, and founder of the Change Youth Project. Coach Angry has played basketball in high school, served in the United States Navy, and is an Iraq War Veteran. He believes in instilling motivation, dedication, and determination in everything that he performs. His belief in developing athletes from the beginner phase to the intermediate phase and starting from the basics is what got him here today.

Coach Angry has coached and volunteer in youth track for the past 4 years as a USATF Volunteer/Coach. He was an Assistant Track Coach at Canyon View High School before starting The Estrella Wolves Track & Field and Cross-Country Club. Coach Angry is excited to bring USATF to the Estrella Foothills Community as well as many more excited USATF events.

Travis Angry, military veteran, and three-time cancer and transplant survivor, is the founder and CEO of the Inspirational Youth Outreach Project and The Change Youth Project. Travis’s vision for Change: If I Can, You Can® initiatives serves as a catalyst to give youth resources and life-long connections to help them deal with each difficulty—transforming them into positive life choices. His story of optimism and hope is shared at youth conferences, churches, and schools nationwide. After overcoming his own struggles as a youth, Travis moved on to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Public Administration and recently completed master’s in business administration from The University of Phoenix. Travis resides in Goodyear, Arizona, as a single father with his two children, Tatiyana and DeVante Angry.