Student Athletes Win In Both the Classroom and Sports!

Student Athletes Win in Both the Classroom and Sports!

The lines represent the lanes, and the value in each lane represents the track sprinter and runner, as each athlete must stay within their own lanes. For the past six months, I have joined many great USA Track & Field certified coaches to lead and coach their own track club teams across the State of Arizona and throughout our great nation. I have witnessed a lot in a relatively short period of time as I have observed the activity of coaches, leadership, meet directors, clerks, officials and of course other parents. I have seen what separates the great athletes from the ordinary and I have witnessed errors in our youth and high school sports conditioning and development programs.

This weekend, AZPreps365 AIA State Championships for Track & Field was held at both Desert Vista High School and Perry High School, in Division I, II, III, and IV. I watched as many seniors competed for state in each of their events, and I watched as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors competed as many carved out recognition for themselves as fierce competitors and winners. As I observed these talented athletes, I kept thinking to myself, while many of these athletes are gifted with incredible athleticism, I marveled at the fact that many put in the full preparation needed and some did not.

I see value in our young people striving for educational excellence. I see the need for our young people to put in the same maximum preparation in the classroom, as they do on the field of sports. I believe we have set the standards too low for our student athletes to achieve, but the reality is our NCAA Colleges and Universities will not look at athletes who are not performing well in the classroom, therefore the athletic talent will be wasted. In our society, we are making the mistake of putting the athlete before the student. We need to correct ourselves by putting the student before the athlete! The value of education is revealed by the value of the knowledgeable man and woman. When you win in the classroom, you are preparing yourself to be a winner in LIFE!

“Education starts at home and ends at home” -Travis Angry